AM Next

Ride hailing like no other.
Arriving early 2027.

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Take the hassle out of travel with AeroMobil's unique door-to-door travel solution!

AM Next is the only vehicle that provides single-seat door-to-door convenience and efficiency.
No switching or waiting between cars and planes.
No personal contact except with your driver pilot.

Uninterrupted time

  • to work, including cellular signal in the air.
  • to rest, in luxurious reclining seats.
  • to play, with an on board entertainment system.
  • or just to enjoy the view from 10,000 feet.

AeroMobil Flying Car macro-regional Ride-Hailing

As a regional ride service operator, AeroMobil will provide an exciting, efficient and personalized door-to-door transportation service with a faster, more convenient option for 150-500+ mile trips between major population centers and destinations.

Relevant clusters for AeroMobil

We identified these locations as few of the relevant clusters for demonstrated by some routes with strong potential1


AeroMobil Benefits From Abundant GA Infrastructure:

85% of US cities are closer to a small or medium airport than to a large commercial airport